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Beyond the purely parochial advantages to Cleveland and Cuyahoga County, the best argument for Issue 3 is the strong support it would provide to a state system of higher education desperately in need of a funding infusion. Don't attempt to €promote' the property to the valuer - When an expert comes around for a business or private property valuation, don't escape - and begin attempting to nag every single positive peculiarity of your property. Ohio ranks 49th in college affordability, which is just plain appalling. Learn and Earn would help change that. ...

Opponents will argue that the Ohio Lottery has never lived up to its promise to fund education adequately in this state. But voters shouldn't be fooled. The Learn and Earn language specifically prohibits the legislature from using gambling revenues to replace general revenue funds earmarked for universities or, for that matter, cities. Keep in mind, the Melbourne Property Valuers are sufficiently experienced to gage the value of any area inside a brief time.

The regional environment has changed radically, both in terms of gambling and economics, since Ohioans voted down a casino proposal in 1996. Michigan's casinos and West Virginia's slots parlors are a big draw for Ohio gamblers. In the coming months, Pennsylvania is expected to make major inroads into the state's lucrative gambling base. Ohio and Kentucky will soon be the only Midwestern states that offer no form of casino gaming.

But that hasn't stopped Ohioans from gambling. To the contrary, they drive many miles to spend nearly $1 billion annually in neighboring states' casinos. Superfluously attempting to make a positive impact may be counter-profitable. Uncover all data - Much the same as organization valuation, at the time of looking at properties as well - valuers would oblige full revelation of all correlated data from you. Because of its own economic needs and its neighbors' aggressiveness, Ohio no longer has the luxury of remaining uncompetitive.

Arguments against allowing slot machines at nine Ohio locations overwhelm proponents' feeble contentions that this initiative is good for the state. On the off chance that the bit of property you wish to get esteemed has any innate deformity (which can't be effectively redressed), advise the valuer about the same.

Supporters, using the misleading name of the Learn and Earn Committee, want Ohioans to believe this amendment to the Ohio Constitution will be a scholarship windfall for Ohio college students. Instead, the jackpot will put billions in the pockets of the owners of seven Ohio horserace tracks and two proposed casinos in Cleveland. ...

In the guise of helping Ohio students pay for higher education, voters would hand gambling businesses a lucrative monopoly. The idea of writing such a scam into the Ohio Constitution is preposterous. Don't attempt to hold data under wraps to get an unduly high cost - such plans would never work.